Planeta Frappato 2021

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Planeta Frappato 2018

Planeta Frappato 2021

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Size 75cl

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Frappato is a rare and exclusive grape variety cultivated on only a few hectares in Sicily.  It is best expressed in the red sands of Vittoria, not far from the sea. An aromatic and easy drinking red wine as few others, a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red light bodied wine with mauve reflections. On the nose, the notes of rose and candied violet are typical, with a elegant smoky tone. On the palate, much red fruit with balsamic tones.

Food Pairing

The extraordinary versatility of this Sicilian wine extends itself to all forms of Sicilian from from the red wine they drink with fish to lasagne. Frappato marries well with roasted red pepper and sun-dried tomato. Additionally, you’ll find it perfect for fall harvest foods like roast turkey and cranberry sauce. Hypnotic with fresh soft cheese and salami.


Italy, Sicily