Marchese Col Fondo Frizzante Metodo Ancestrale

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‘Marchese Col Fondo’ Frizzante Metodo Ancestrale

Marchese Col Fondo Frizzante Metodo Ancestrale

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One of the oldest and most illustrious of Genovese families, the Spinolas date back to 10th century. The family’s Tassarola estate lies in Gavi. Prior to 2006, the fruit was sold until Andrea and Nora Spinola, fresh from working in Milan decided to dedicate their lives to their Cortese vines – a grape first documented in 1630. Fanned by sea breezes coming up from the Mediterranean to the south. In 2014 he converted the estate to organic farming, and named each wine after one of his sons.

Made in the ancient ancestrale method, the grapes are lightly pressed to extract the native yeasts in the fruit, and then fermented in stainless steel at a controlled, usually low, temperature. The fermentation is slowed and then stopped, to retain a sugar content sufficient to ensure that fermentation resumes in the bottle, without further additions of sugar and yeast as in the traditional method of making champagne. The unfiltered enzymes and yeasts in the bottle create a lightly sparkling wine, known in French as a “pétillant” and a resulting cloudy dream in a bottle!

Tasting Notes

Andrea and Nora wanted to call it ‘Cortese Col Fondo’ but this wasn’t permitted, so they went for ‘Marchese Col Fondo’ instead, which has a much better ring to it! 100% Cortese, the nose has gentle citrus notes along with bready and biscuity character. Plenty of fruit on the palate, with notes of pulpy citrus and pear, waxy lemons, and lemon tart, and a spine of vibrant and crisp acidity. Cloudy (unfiltered) yet bright and very finely made.

Food Pairing

An excellent aperitif. Goes well with finger food and pairs beautifully with sushi.

Country: Piedmont - Italy


Italy, Piedmont