Col d'orcia Brunello Nastagio Collection 2011, 2013, 2015

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Col d'orcia Brunello Nastagio Collection  2011, 2013, 2015

Col d'orcia Brunello Nastagio Collection 2011, 2013, 2015

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Brunello Nastagio is the result of the long experience accumulated by Col d'Orcia in the development and management of the Sangiovese vineyard. Nastagio is also the result of the many research chapters conducted over more than twenty years by Col d’Orcia with the University of Florence.  The wine is aged in small barrels in the first year, and aged in large barrels in the second and third years - The result of the year aging in small barrels contributes towards obtaining a full, persistent and soft wine. In the second and third years of aging in the large barrels, the wine reaches the taste-aroma balance and produces fine and elegant tertiary elements, achieving an increase in the complexity and the exaltation of the typical aromas of Sangiovese.

This collection includes three vintages of the Brunello Nastagio the 2011, 2013 and 2015. 

Tasting Notes

2011 Ruby red color with violet hues. Fruity on the nose, with hints of ripe cherry combined with the oak toasted aromas of spices emanated from the barrels during the first years of ageing, then perfectly balanced during the following stay in the large barrels. Very good structure, full and persistent on the palate. Soft and ripe tannins, with a long pleasant and sapid aftertaste.

2013 Ruby red with violet hues. The bouquet is intense with fruity notes of cherries and red fruits well balanced with the aromas from the oak. It is a wine that is soft on the palate showing great delicacy of the tannins. The aftertaste is lasting, it is a wine that leaves an impression!

2015 Ruby red color with violet hues. The nose offers a broad, intense and elegant bouquet. The complex, sweet and ripe aromas are matched by notes of spices and vanilla. It is a wine with great power and longevity. Long and enveloping taste on the palate, the acidity blends perfectly with the tannic texture leading to a wonderful balance. The finish has great persistence and flavor.